During these customized group oriented workshops your participants are given breakthrough approaches to fighting trauma, addiction and self-damaging behaviours. They will be given the newest tools and techniques to release emotions connected to traumas, build self-esteem and much much more. During class time they will have the opportunity to release at least 2 major traumas that have haunted them in their lives.

HBTR is Changing the Hearts of Therapy

These workshops can be held in your area!  If you know of 5 or more people and you wish to host a 2 day Freedom From Emotional Trauma Workshop Contact Rosalien today.

This Trauma Workshop includes:

  • Types of trauma and how to recognize them
  • How trauma effects communication when in survival mode
  • How trauma impacts and influences ones life
  • How decision making and decisiveness play a part in success and choices when in trauma
  • How beliefs come about during a trauma and beyond
  • Generational Trauma and its affect on ones life
  • How trauma plays a part in self confidence and self esteem
  • How belief systems hold one back from success and moving forward in ones life
  • How to embrace change and the positives it has in ones life

Benefits of Employee Training:

  • Opportunity to stand out in the field in giving professional education relating to trauma
  • Increased employee motivation with team building exercises allowing community within the work place
  • Reducing employee turnover helping new hires who are struggling with self confidence or self esteem
  •  Opportunity to discuss work – life balance and how it relates to traumas in ones life
  • A place where others can start to understand eachother’s experiences relating to trauma, without judgement
  • Practical hands-on learning for immediate ROI

How does this trauma workshop contribute to higher performance of employees?

Releasing trauma can impact our Internal energy systems:

Allows the opportunity for employees to feel much better about themselves in the workplace


Discusses how anxiety and depression could be linked to trauma as a side effect


Increases innovation in strategies, products and performance


Explores the positive impact of self confidence in their career and their personal life


Gives information of how trauma may impact their lives both at work and at home


Gives the opportunity to create new beliefs that serve them in the present moment and in moving forward


Gives opportunity to understand stress and inner self talk and its connection to trauma


Allows for capacity to adopt new technologies and methods being introduced into the workplace


Helps Identify limiting beliefs that have been created around trauma


Allows for group activities to explore positive impact on self confidence and responding to criticism


Allows opportunity to release at lease 2 major traumas in their lives allowing less stress in the workplace


Helps increase job satisfaction and morale between management, and employees in the workplace


External factors that may impact our energy systems can include:

















Limiting Beliefs


What happens when our energy is disrupted?

The energy systems of the body are connected to our physical organs, glands, and other bodily systems. When the energy supplied to these bodily systems is disrupted, the organs and systems are less able to defend against disease. This is what happens when we are in trauma. The health of our energy systems also determines our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

When our energy systems are clear and balanced, we are in a better position to deal with situations and circumstances that might otherwise be felt as a stress. Stress symptoms can affect your body, your thoughts and feelings, and your behavior.  Stress that’s left unchecked can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.


What is the Heart Beat Trauma Release Technique?

The Heart Beat Trauma Release Technique is an energetic memory healing technique that works on the memory, from the worst memories including PTSD memories, with the greatest success known. There isn’t another technique that works at this speed nor with this documented level of success. If you have studied any energy meridian healing therapies, you now have one available that uses all of the human energy field at the same time and is empowered by the very beat of your heart, as a new energy field is created with each beat. This is Human Energy Therapy work at its best. HBRT is taught in this group workshop — a workshop where you have the opportunity to release your worst Traumas and much much more.

What are the benefits?

Emotional stress relief


Cleared old patterns


Healing on all levels of body, mind, & spirit




Fulfill your true potential


Alleviation of pain & physical ailments


Increased vitality


Manifesting change


Moving beyond old belief systems


What are the benefits of Group Work?

Strengthen employee skills and reduced turnover


Increased job satisfaction


Healing on all levels of body, mind, & spirit


Allows participants to connect and alleviate loneliness in their lives


Increased efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain


Emotional stress relief

Increased employee motivation


Increased innovation in strategies and products


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