After almost 20 years in the Wellness Industry, Rosalien has stepped into a stronger roll as a presenter and Journey Into Wellness Inc as a promotor of personal growth workshops, spiritual growth workshops, and transformational training.

Rosalien’s experiential workshop facilitation is grounded in almost 20  years of experience working with transformational personal growth coaching, counselling and workshops for thousands of participants both at home and nationally.

Workshops and Seminars must include an interweaving of the four quadrants of self:

The Physical Quadrant

The Physical Quadrant, discover healing through herbs, dance and movement, and how to let go of stress. Herbalism 101: Finding your weakest link, and Vanishing Stress are two that we start with.

The Mental Quadrant

The Mental Quadrant, with thought-provoking teachings that move you forward with new ways of thinking and perceiving experience Celebrating Your Story.

The Emotional Quadrant

The Emotional Quadrant, with heart-opening techniques such as Emotion Code, the workshop Emotion Commotion is popular at healing Addictive Heart Energy and Heart Walls.

Spiritual Quadrant

Spiritual Quadrant, attuning to your passion the Inner Sacred Gifts Workshop guides you into understanding the passion you were placed on this earth to do.  Mindfulness Meditation is another you will be glad you attended.

Join Rosalien as she and others walk you through life experiencing life experientially. Seminar and Workshop prices will vary – please feel free to look at the calendar or email us privately.