Self Discovery Program

Self Discovery – Life Script Program

Self Discovery – Life Script Program is a wellness program that includes over 400 pages of experiential learning and exercises in an easy to follow Manual.

This manual allows the individual to progress at their own speed. Each lesson is comprehensively laid out to insure the maximum benefit to the participant. Highly thought provoking exercises will ensure your
growth as an individual. Discover who you are and what is holding you back from obtaining freedom, compassion and a life you have dreamed of filled with integrity.

A sample of some of the lessons are: “What is Fun”, “Change”, “Stages of Learning”, “Values and Beliefs” and “Feelings”. This Discovering Self Life Script program is a wellness program is based on the concept of one taking true personal responsibility and freedom using informed decisions with respect to one’s own thoughts, behaviors and choices. It instills natural confidence building while still providing powerful life changing lessons that have long term benefits.

Journey Into Wellness believes that by separating life’s stresses, difficulties and traumas from the choice to sabotage, one is incredibly powerful.

Educating individuals on how to change through analysis and positive reinforcement is just as powerful. Combining these with tools so individuals examine their specific reasons for self-sabotage, discuss them, and create new empowering informed choices is what this program is all about. This self directed wellness program guides you into rethinking behaviors and habits associated with self-sabotage or addiction and planting new seeds to allow a new way of looking at things to emerge.

This wellness program focuses on empowering others to change behaviors and solve lifelong self-defeating habits that no longer serve them. By utilizing positive reinforcement and integrating change, one will be educated in a customized process that focuses on integrating positive thought processes into their life. Journey Into Wellness believes that even addiction is not a lifelong disease, but instead habitual thoughts and behaviors that one can change.

This program is offered at The Miracle Healing Hideaway.

The curriculum also includes:

  • Emotional Release Techniques
  • Herbalism
  • Needs and Wants
  • Stress Reduction
  • Meditation
  • and much more…

This Wellness Program Concept is being used in recovery and treatment homes in British Columbia.

While working through your workbook, additional counselling and coaching are available upon request for a nominal fee. Contact Rosalien for more information and pricing.