Light Healing Sessions

Ajna and Neuro Light Healing Sessions

Enjoy the opportunity to experience Light Therapy as part of your Total Wellness regime. Total Wellness including Brain Wellness is an important step in healing ones whole self.

What to expect while doing a Neuro Light treatment session.

You will sit back in a lounge chair or even lay down on a treatment table such as used in massage therapy. Your eyes are closed the whole time and you will wear headphones. Even with your eyes closed, you will see marvellous colors and fractal-like geometric patterns. Many users also see, in their “mind’s eye” an intriguing variety of other images that are difficult to describe. As fascinating and provocative as these experiences are, even more important are the mind/body states that result from a Neuro Light session.

These direct effects will be actively integrating into your whole being for 12 to 24 hours. Effects of ongoing sessions are cumulative.

The Neuro Light experience is comfortable, pleasant with zero pain of any kind. The light is painless and generates no heat. A treatment takes about 30 minutes.

NL benefits will tend to manifest according to the relative vitality of the individual (technically known as their Neuroplastic Capacity), the goals of the sessions and the frequency of the sessions and related “learning” reinforcements.

It is possible for some benefits to manifest in a short period of time such as in a few days to a couple of weeks. Obviously deeper changes in Neuroplasticity will manifest over periods of a month or more. In some cases, a person may experience “immediate” effects. Such quick effects are encouraging but will require reinforcements to support the integration at deeper, long lasting levels.

There are three ways to heal the brain:

  • The first is Brain Food
  • The second is Brain Gym
  • The third is Brain Skills

The Neuro Light is a tool which integrates both Brain Gym and Brain Skills while allowing the Brain Food to be incorporated at the same time.

An NL Experience is like eating a meal.

Enjoy and appreciate the meal.

Once the eating ends, the digestion just begins. And after that will follow the assimilation of the nutrients.  And finally, the benefits of the nutrition manifest. Understand that the visual colors and patterns combined with the sounds can be quite amazing and attractive or sometimes rather simple. Just accept and enjoy them.

There is nothing special for you to do.

These sensory displays are part of the process. The most important things are the mind/body states that are stimulated by the sights/sounds.The NL Experience is the same. When the lights and sounds stop, is when the integration process begins. The first 2 hours are the most sensitive yet the direct process of the NL Experience will continue for the next 12 to 24 hours.

You can experience these sessions by visiting Miracle Healing Hideaway or by contacting Rosalien @ 250-253-5211

Brain Food – Brain Gym – Brain Skills

While at Miracle Healing Hideaway you will have the opportunity to experience Light Therapy as part of your Total Wellness regime.

Total Wellness including Brain Wellness is an ever evolving area of critical importance to us all.
It has been discovered that there are at least two and maybe three other “brain centres” that are in constant conversation with the brain in our skull.

They are:

  • The Heart
  • The Gut (Enteric Nervous System)
  • The Immune System as a whole.

So with the Neuro Light, when we say Total Brain Wellness, there are two ways to interpret that phrase:

The Wellness (of the Brain) is Total meaning all aspects of Wellness;
The Total Brain itself meaning all aspects of the Brain including the “Heart Brain”, “Gut Brain” and “Immune Brain”.

So appreciate that because of the Networking, Connecting, Neuroplastic, Complex, Harmonic, Dancing principles of the “brain’, the Neuro Light processes are saturating the entire organism, our entire being , as it effects our “TOTAL Brain(s).

Essentially, the Neuro Light is a Light/Sound device that delivers potent signals into the brain.

“When you properly Signal the Brain, you Message the Mind”.

Brain Food

There are three ways to Train the Brain. The first way is to begin by feeding it the proper food. Brain Food – The brain will self organize if it has enough energy and enough connection. The brain is a hungry organ and consumes 10 times more energy than any other organ in the body. To increase energy production in the brain we feed the brain what it needs to be stimulated and function correctly. The easiest way is to feed the brain light through nasal light stimulation. It is delivered into the brain through the light and the blood absorbs the food. Having the light being absorbed into your skin through the nasal passages, looks like when you place a flashlight on your skin and you see the redness from the light, this is how the technique works.

With this technique the brain food is delivered directly to the brain.

This light therapy is very simplistic and once the brain has enough food it will more fluidly move into being able to work with the Brain Gym and then Brain Skills going through every layer of the brain.

A source of brain food is mandatory when healing the brain as this gives it more efficiently and makes it more probable in integrating an increasing brain function. When using this tool it is like drip feeding the garden. This tool can be used with both Brain Gym and Brain Skills sessions.

This technique and product has been used for over 20 years and will include blood sugar, insomnia, anxiety, depression etc because it supplies energy to functions that require energy.

The second and third way of activating the Brain is through Brain Gym and Brain Skills.