Instructor Program

Instructor Program

Become an Instructor for Journey Into Wellness Inc.

The wellness program itself is structured to be taught over a 12 week period. Visual aids, movies, and equipment are suggested to aid in the learning process. These learning workshops are inspirational, meaningful and give the participants an opportunity to understand how to support themselves through their Journey Into Discovering Self. These workshops are highly experiential, heart-centered, relevant and practical as well as transformational. They cover the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual sides of self.



The Level 1 portion of the instructor’s program includes coverage of the full course of lesson plans filled with step by step training questions for the Instructor(s) to ask the participant(s), along with discussing powerpoints and the workbooks that the participants will be using.

This five day intensive training course will introduce the future instructor(s) to the concept of teaching the four quadrants of self.  The Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Quadrants will be covered and each lesson plan will be discussed. Most all questions relating to the content within the lesson plan curriculum will be gone over. There will also be some experiential exercises that will anchor the quadrants into the practitioner’s minds.

At the end of the day, the group will be doing a wrap-up of all the information learned and an open question and answer forum will prevail along with the sharing of emails so any questions that may arise later on may be answered together as a group. (Everyone attending will receive a certificate of attendance)


The final day of the Level 1 training program you will receive the complete “Discovering Self” program kit. It including copies of all 3 participant’s workbooks for you to keep, all 3 facilitator’s lesson plan binders – over 72 lessons – and all the PowerPoint presentations complimenting each lesson plan. You will also be provided with a list of suggested DVD Movies and YouTube videos used within the course.

During the day you will personally choose 1 of the 3 manuals and make your way through some of the “Discovering Self” program, which is your study phase of the course. This will enable you to be prepared to step into the next level where you will be facilitating groups.


After working in 1 of the 3 workbooks, you will be requested to hand in your work from Phase 1 as your final exam. The exam is looked over, suggestions are given and then upon approval by Journey Into Wellness staff, you will then step into your two-month full-time practicum. Upon completion of this practicum, your instructor that trained you will hand in your review and you will become a Certified “Discovering Self” Instructor under the auspices of Journey Into Wellness Inc. enabling you to facilitate this course in your area.

The future instructor will be able to teach this course with confidence and assurance. If unable to attend the full five-day workshops the participant will not be able to receive the “Discovering Self” program kit or certification to facilitate the program.

A certificate showing date of completion of the course will be forwarded to you.