Inner Sacred Gifts

Inner Sacred Gifts

Rosalien believes that you have come to this Earth with a Purpose and all of the tools you need to accomplish that Purpose! During her workshop you will learn to embrace your own Inner Sacred Gifts and what that means to you.

You will find your Personal Gift, its passion, its energy and more importantly what holds you back from honoring this unique part of your life. Plus, you will look at how your life experiences have impacted and shaped who you are today.

Discover the spiritual gifts that you came to this earth to share.

Walk away from this workshop with a certainty of purpose, a knowing of how to align with it, and the tools to become a master at living it. The workshop will help establish a lifelong connection with your Inner Sacred Gifts and teach you to appreciate how important these Gifts are in your everyday choices. You will also learn why it’s important to make decisions that align your head and heart and create a step-by-step blueprint for making your vision a reality.

Each of us comes with unique abilities and gifts that are specifically designed to fulfill our Life Purpose here on earth. Embrace the joy that life has to give us.

Using the Inner Sacred Gift Cards will uncover what your Inner Sacred Gifts truly are…once and for all. Come and spend the day with Rosalien, she will touch your heart and ignite the fire within you.