Treatment Centre Hideaway

Trauma, PTSD, Burnout and Addiction

Miracle Healing Hideaway is a unique wellness centre.

How do you recognize the signs of burnout and begin healing yourself?

Corporate or Employee Burnout is:

  • When a person begins to feel job depression
  • Becomes dispirited caused by a feeling of being powerless
  • Not able to function adequately anymore
  • There is no more physical, emotional or mental energy left

Burnout seems to show up when you are feeling overwhelmed and unable to meet life’s demands or you struggle with responding to the cultural and environmental stressors in a healthy way. You may act out by having bouts of uncontrollable crying, depression or feelings of being unable to face the world. Every time a new stressful experience is introduced, the person not knowing how to process becomes completely overwhelmed.

Stress and corporate burnout can show up as:

  • Physical symptoms of adrenal fatigue
  • Digestive disturbances
  • Weight gain
  • Compromised immune system
  • Nervous breakdown

These symptoms may also manifest as depression, exhaustion, loss of motivation, helplessness, anger, or resentment.

Addictive behaviours or substance misuse may become a big player in your life.

Some of us are not able to function physically, emotionally, mentally or spirituality during the height of a crisis or after excessive or prolonged stress. Add unhappy work relations or a bad boss or relationship and you have a disaster waiting to happen.

Visit Miracle Healing Hideaway and rejuvenate yourself. Discover new ways of looking at and doing life so you can start to embrace the moments and enjoy your days.

Take a walk along the beautiful Shuswap Lake or enjoy a hike up the mountain to see spectacular views. Discover the nearby waterfall, relish in the time of just being you. In the winter while enjoying your very own warm toasty cottage, take some snowshoes and explore your own back yard.

Discover what it feels like to tap into the loving you. Take a deep breath and breathe in this Miracle Healing Hideaway to collect your thoughts. Work with Rosalien to discover Burnout solutions for your wellness needs.

You will:

  • Learn mindful relaxation
  • Redefine work/life balance
  • Discover unhealthy patterns
  • Explore high-risk situations
  • Work with strengths
  • Begin to deconstruct to reconstruct your life

Stop promising and over promising the moon, learn to say No and relish in the healing of self.

Take Your Life Back, It’s Yours and You Deserve The Best Life Has to Offer!