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What are you waiting for? Take action and heal your life today! Experience happiness and piece of mind. Learn how to clear your hidden-subcounscious energy-blocks, emotions and traumas that may be affecting your life today.


Miracle Healing Hideaway

We are now taking applications for our next guest at Miracle Healing Hideaway. 

If you or someone you know struggles with trauma, burnout, PTSD and/or addictions or if you have any questions regarding our Private One on One Healing Hideaway please contact us directly.


Get tools to help you clear away beliefs and traumas from your past or present that are not serving you. My wish for you is that you heal using these techniques that are fun, useful, easy to master and life changing.

Journey Into Wellness: Counselling, Wellness, Empowerment!

Are you struggling from adrenal/chronic fatigue, overwhelmed by deadlines/workload and anxiety, grief, trauma or addiction? If so, allow Journey Into Wellness to share new ways of improving your health and dealing with stress. Begin changing your life by cleaning out your mental closet, eliminating old baggage and concepts and releasing unwanted emotions that no longer serve you. Journey Into Wellness believes in finding ways to break down barriers and focus on shifting to a healthier lifestyle. We are here to provide tools to support, encourage and motivate you to bring gratitude and joy back into your life. Learn how to take care of you in today’s world. Contact Rosalien for more information.

Journey Into Wellness owns and operates a little cottage named Miracle Healing Hideaway where one on one counselling, coaching and miracle healings take place. This little centre was created out of the love to help others privately and professionally one at a time, guiding them on their way to healing self and letting go of beliefs, emotions and traumas that no longer serve them.

Journey Into Wellness now offers month, six week or two month long individual one-on-one stays at there little soul-centered cottage. Take action to improve your health and begin reaping the rewards.

Burnt out or need a break, breathe, relax, learn and take time for you. Check us out, you will receive support you need in order to live a healthier life today.

Journey Into Wellness programs are offered to companies, corporations and treatment centres to enhance their employees and participants. See more under JIW Programs.

Who baked your cake

Stop for a minute. Sit down; Relax; Breathe; and take an honest look at your life.
Have you ever wondered why life seems to always be the same old, same old?
Aren’t you sick and tired of having the feeling of not being good enough?
Or that you deserve better?
Have you ever wondered why you put up with so much crap from others sometimes?
Or have you noticed that all of a sudden you’re turning into your mother despite your determination not to?

These character traits may have come about because you’re still carrying around your family’s recipe. There’s a very good chance that this recipe has been handed down from generation to generation but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add your own spin on it. Discover and understand how your beliefs create your reality…then change them, once and for all.
This book is meant to be savoured. As you read it, each morsel will come together to create a delectable, life-changing dessert. It’ll be a recipe you’ll want to share with generations to come!
A spiritually fun and seriously delightful little self help book on beliefs we create from our very own family recipes… Discover the A.B.C.’s on how to recognize the 11 cakes you bake when it comes to beliefs and the belief systems aroum.
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Every time I see the warmth that emanates from your sweet face I get this veil of soft and gentle reminders of days gone by and how very much you helped me. You were really pivotal in saving me....will never forget.

Cindy H

Thank you so much for being an amazing women. I know that I’m not the only one but You helped me find my way back. I aspire in all that I do to one day impact someone as deeply as you did me. Rosalien you ROCK.

Julie M

Hey Rosalien! Just thought I would write and say 'hello'.... Anyways, just wanted to write a little note and let you know I think about you often and I always look for you when I see a red car like yours! I am working as the nurse now, and let me tell you, the majority of the homeless people have received much of your wisdom that I learned from you.

Nancy M

Rosalien I think of you often. I can finally say that I truly have found serenity, it's been quite the journey and I still have work to do, but at least the path is clear. Thank you for so much for your wisdom it has really helped. Life is great! I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me, so thank you, thank you!! I'll talk to you soon.

Mona B

I would highly recommend participating in Rosalien’s Inner Sacred Gifts Workshop. I can promise you it will be a pivotal part of your journey and its impact will be life altering in positive ways for years to come. Its message is something that will be integrated into your being and you will come back to it time and time again as more of its meaning is revealed to you in your daily life. An event so significant that you will be inspired, passionate about life once again and forever transformed.

Christine B. RPC CAC11

About Rosalien Stagg

When the health of Rosalien’s daughter was in serious jeopardy and the medical profession was short on answers, this mother of three set off to find the solution for her very sick child. After researching many of the possible solutions she realized that the answers lay in the powerful connection between Mind, Heart and Soul.
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